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That’s right.  I am not rich.  I am a wannabe retiree, as the website name suggests.  What I write, say, and do are only that, things that only apply to me  I am not a financial consultant, accountant, lawyer, guru, wizard, life coach, or any other type of person that can promise anything.  What I write on this site is for my own accountability, reflection, and thoughts that need to come out through words.

If I was any of the above, I probably would be further down the path to FI right now.  Unfortunately, I am not and have made many mistakes in my teens, 20’s, and 30’s.  Do I hope some people will learn something from what I write? Sure.  Hopefully, I will eventually be able to learn more from  the readers though.  I can’t promise wealth if you do what I do.  I can only hope that if you want to achieve FI, you will question whether or not you are on the right path.

We are all responsible for ourselves.  There are consequences for our actions, whether good or bad.  You choose what you want your life to be full of.

If you would like to be rich or achieve financial independence than I suggest reading those who have done it, those who aspire to(including me), and those who don’t.  Educating yourself will never hurt.  You can learn so much from all three groups.  You can learn what goals you align with, who you relate to, what you don’t want to emulate, and so much more.  Real people such as MMM, GoCurryCracker, JMoney, 1500 Days, GenYFinanceGuy, and so many others are either on their way to FI or already there.  They share their journey and how they have gotten to where they are.  You only have to read the daily news to see what happens to the rest of us.

I see so many people want the quick fix.  Nothing I write will ever give you that.  Every FI blog I read, has a few simple messages.  Invest over time in low cost index funds, spend less, and challenge what you think you really need.  Of course there are many other things to learn such as what to invest in, how to optimize taxes, side hustles, and so on.  But the core of how to start a journey to FI is to INVEST, SPEND LESS, and CHALLENGE EVERYTHING.  Again don’t take my word for it.  Read about others and how they did it or are doing it.  Ask yourself, Am I happy?  Am I where I need to be?  How can I change?

I also feel the need to say that I would never sell or voluntarily disclose your email address or personal information.  It is a little sad that I feel the need to write such a disclaimer.  I started my journey because other websites inspired me to strive for more. I started this blog because I wanted to share with others and be part of a community.  That is what this is about.

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