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My Purpose For Starting This

For the past several years I have been obsessed with retiring. When I say obsessed, I mean checking my retirement account several times a day, what I will spend, how much I could potentially save, how much I need to retire, what I could spend in retirement, and on and on the cycle went. My goal for the past 8 years or so, was to retire by the time I am 60.  This seemed daunting but feasible and people thought it was ridiculous that I though this was a possibility. I was confident in my ability to do so but 20+ more years of working seemed like a long nightmare, but I figured I had been through worse.  Retiring at 60 would allow 10 good years of traveling and to pursue the things I enjoy before I was decrepit and done enjoying new things.

I researched and read many online articles that spewed the same retirement advice.  Max your 401k, take advantage of your employer match, cut out lattes, have a savings account, buy a house, buy rental properties, and etc.  I was putting money into a 401k(not the max but what I thought I could), I did buy a house (now on my 3rd), I didn’t go to coffee shops very often, I converted my second house into a rental property, and I always had some money in savings. Don’t get me wrong, most of these suggestions are relevant and important. However, these things will not get me to my goal of financial independence as soon as possible.

I compared myself to the average retirement investor, the average consumer, and the average family. I know that I probably shouldn’t do these things but i couldn’t help it. I wanted to better off, ahead of the game, and be secure in my present and future. Trying to just stay ahead of the pack of my peers was never enough for me so I toolk the next logical step and have decided that I am going to retire at age 50.  That’s right, my goal has now been revised!  The things that I thought were possible can be achieved earlier if I make the right choices.  Thanks to other blogs (MMM, GoCurryCracker, jlcollinsnh, and many others) I have a chance to  achieve early retirement just as they did or are going to.  It took me 40 years to get to this point but at least it was later rather than never.

Do we need another financial independence journey website? Does anyone care? Probably not but I’m doing it anyway because I feel like I have to. If I’m going to be obsessed about something, then I might as well write about it in a permanent space so that I can keep my goals on track. Maybe this site will help other people that have the same goals.  There has to be more people out there that have the same trepidation’s, concerns, and lack of education in financial independence as I do,  right?  Others have written how they got their financial independence after the fact. Others have posted their own journey. Many have been extremely helpful in my education to start down this path of financial independence, with what I am sure will have many twists and turns.

My hope is that whoever reads this will want to contribute and discuss ways to financial independence(fi), help each other reach their goals and believe that life beyond work that you have to do is possible. I plan on adding more information to this site, which will include financial goals, stories, and random thoughts. I have never blogged before, so I will stumbling along as I go. Thanks for reading!

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