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Why Would We or Anyone Want to Retire Early

I’ve written a little about who I am, what I am trying to do, when I plan on accomplishing FI, and how we are going to accomplish the goal.  Why I would want to retire early, seems pretty obvious to me but maybe not to others.  People may think they wouldn’t know what they would do with themselves.  There are those that may have the same dream.  Some may think that it is a life wasted .  That if you retire early or at all, you are not contributing to society.  That may be true in some cases but for me, it’s not.  I’m not going to argue with those that take that viewpoint, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  No matter how wrong they are 🙂

I am not one of the lucky ones that has a job that they love.  Many of us, if not most are in this category.  However, I am lucky enough to have a decent paying job.  Hopefully that lasts for 10 more years but plans tend to spoil when the decision is not totally up to you.  I feed off of my outside interests such as writing, painting, traveling, diy projects, and even reading financial blogs.  These things interest me, hold my attention, and make me want to be a part of it.  I get excited working on or finishing a painting, writing a poem/book/blog post, going to other countries and soaking in the atmosphere, remodeling projects, and learning something new.  I want to feel that all the time!  I feel more complete and happier to be alive.  When I am at work, I know that I am helping others, building friendships, helping complete projects, and learning new things. But, it’s not my passion.  I don’t get the same fulfilled high as I do with my personal interests.  What I do get out of work, is a sense of security.

Security is one of a few human basic needs. I am talking about emotional, physical, and financial security.  When we do not feel secure.  We will feel angry and fearful.  We might do drastic things so that we can survive, which can lead us down a less desirable path in our life.   I already wrestle with anxiety and the stress that it causes, so I need and desire security.  My job, my wife, and my kids provide me the sense of being safe.  But Money can be a great incubator of that sense of security or it can destroy it if you let it.  So, one might ask why.  Why would I want to retire early?  Because I do not want money to be an issue.  I don’t want money to have any more control over me than it already has.  Once I reach my FI goal, then I will feel secure enough to pursue my interests full time without hesitation, apprehension, or regret.  It may be possible to pursue my life interests as a source of income now or in the future.  At this time though, it is easier for me to provide for my family and reach my goals pursuing my current path.  Like I have said before.  Things change and I will adjust accordingly.

I feel lucky to have this dream/goal.  To have a pathway to follow what I want.  I know many people don’t right now.  I know when I was making $7.41/hour as a young twenty-something, I never dreamed that I would be where I am at now in my life.  I did know I would work hard, educate myself through school and on the job.  I knew that I didn’t want to be scrapping by month to month with nothing to look forward to.  I have contributed to society and I plan on contributing to society through other means as my life changes.  Reaching financial independence will allow me the time to do so.  If I could help someone else find their path to FI.  If I could share something I write or draw that is enjoyed by even one person, I would have contributed in my opinion.  To many people that is not enough.  To them I say, pursue your own goals, pursue what makes you happy.

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